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Complex Modelling

Assuring, re-modelling and correcting complex models

Aginic have extensive experience in assuring, re-modelling and correcting complex pricing, payroll and regulatory models. We are engaged by companies operating in the most complex regulatory environments where rule-driven pricing or payroll is calculated from a number of data-sources that need to be combined and then overlaid with a myriad of quotas, awards, caps and other complications.

We can then support our customers in providing documents to external stakeholders that show compliance. Our process involves working alongside your existing team and subject matter experts to ensure that we can quickly absorb context, whilst also identifying areas of risk where further analysis will be required. We build our models incrementally to reduce risk and allow for testing and verification to be embedded in the approach.

We understand that many of these scenarios are time critical and sensitive. We move quickly, with discretion, and tackle the highest risk scenarios first to build confidence early and enable prompt action.

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