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Data & Analytics Strategy

Making valuable insights accessible

Making decisions based on gut feelings is a practice of the past. Evidence based decisions are here to stay. No data, no decision. We empower you to reach this level of business maturity, and lay the foundation for a business that won’t just survive, but will thrive.

Aginic’s Data Strategy solution is unique and breaks the mould from a typical strategy with lengthy reports and focuses on a quicker path to business value.

Our strategy development methodology is differentiated from any other Data & Analytics consultancies in Australia as we identify pain points and insights that inform our recommendations and roadmap through running an ‘Experiment’.

The outcome of the ‘Experiment’ is a tangible and operational Proof-of-Concept (eg BI Dashboard or Machine Learning model) that delivers real value to the organisation. Through developing the PoC (by taking a thin slice from source systems through to output), the real technology, capability and process issues are exposed, and these in turn inform our strategic recommendations and roadmap.

Our team of technical and business experts unite to develop the strategic roadmap you need to implement to drive true commercial returns from your Data asset including increased profitability, improved operations, increased customer satisfaction and retention.

The Data Strategy deep-dives that usually emerge from the ‘Experiment’ include:

  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Capability and culture
  • Data, technology and tools
  • Processes and ways of working



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