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Data Maturity Assessment

Data maturity is improving and increasing the capability in utilising data

Building understanding on the state of data

Making decisions based on gut feelings is a practice of the past. Evidence-based decision making is here to stay. Our assessment tool will empower you to boost your Data Maturity, and lay the foundation for a business that won’t just survive, but will thrive.

Our proprietary Data Maturity Assessment tool has been designed using industry best practice, academic evidence and our experience, to assess an organisation’s current state of maturity and identify areas where improvements could be made to boost Data Maturity.

The assessment is a simple survey that takes between 7-8 minutes and you also get informative, insightful, evidence-based tips throughout the survey.

The data-driven output from the assessment gives an organisation or business unit a clear understanding of where their focus should be on improving capabilities, culture, data quality, technologies and processes.

We use the Data Maturity Assessment tool as the foundation of our Data Strategy advisory projects. The survey identifies pain points and insights that inform our Data Strategy recommendations. The tool also allows organisations to track the progress of internal transformation initiatives over time.

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