Data Maturity Health Check

How do your data architecture and practices support your strategy?

Your data should support your strategy through useful insights – available to the right people at the right time. To achieve this, you need people, processes, and technology that work together effectively.

Our health check is not intended as a lengthy, detailed review. Instead, we engage with key people in your data team and your user base to explore key drivers of data maturity. These are based on our familiarity with modern data technologies and DataOps practices.

For example, how do you engage with the consumers of your analytics or reports to get feedback early and maximise value for them? How do you embed automated testing in your data workflows to improve trust in the quality of data? How well do your chosen technologies support your data volumes, complexities, and timeliness requirements?

This exploration is done in the context of your business strategy, key requirements and priorities, current data landscape and workloads, and known pain points. Together, we will identify quick wins and longer-term options for improving your data maturity and driving better value from data.

Workshop Agenda

  • Context: your business and data strategy, current data architecture and key workloads, data team structure, and main use cases

  • Detailed walkthrough of 1-2 high business value analytics workflows, from requirements through to data models, outputs and business outcomes

  • Data maturity self-assessment, current pain points and desired future state

  • Ideation of options and approaches

Note: Shortly after the 1-day workshop, we will provide a high-level summary report that captures key observations and recommendations.


  • Your main goals, requirements, and challenges

  • Your data landscape at a high level

  • Attendee mix and engagement approach

Suggested Attendees

  • Head of Analytics
  • Analytics team members 
  • Sample of analytics consumers

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