Data Science Discovery Workshop

Solve complex problems with Data Science

We love helping you solve problems with data. Data science is the most advanced tool in the toolbox when it comes to tackling business issues. We realise that it is a complex capability that can be hard to navigate.

Some of our customers have found considerable value in working with us to assess:

  • Their current business issues and the relation to data
  • Where data science techniques are applicable and (importantly) where they are not
  • Which data science approaches would best work for a given issue
  • Prioritise data science projects based on value vs complexity

    Common Data Science business problems

    • Which customers are most likely to leave?
    • How long is a patient going to need a bed?
    • What factors most influence my sales conversions?
    • What is the optimal rostering of my perm and casual staff?
    • Do I have a systemic fraud issue?
    • Where should I focus my audit effort?
    • What is the next-best “action” when dealing with a customer?
    • What themes exist in customer feedback?

    Sound like you? Here’s how we can help..

    Day 1

    Business issue walkthrough
    • Understand business issues and classify underlying data entities and linkages
    • Evaluate key data sources and understand source data complexity
    Data Science assessment 
    • Determine the validity of data science techniques for each problem
    • Assess the complexity of selected techniques
    • Assess and wireframe possible outcomes to inform a business value decision


    • Feasibility analysis defining implementation value vs complexity across identified business assessment areas
    • A determined set of data science implementation priorities


    • Customer to provide an understanding of the data sources for current business problems

    Aginic Facilitators

    Aginic Director, Senior Data Analyst

    Suggested Attendees 

    Senior business stakeholders, with some involvement from IT system owners

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