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Next-generation analytics isn’t just a far-fetched idea of the future – advanced analytics is here today, and it can help drive your business into the 21st Century with Machine Learning, Cluster Analysis and Text mining. Using state-of-the-art algorithms and vast quantities of data, computers are able to process and derive insights 24/7 at a speed that is far greater than that of any analyst. Whether your use case is predicting wait times of a retail service, identifying train network bottlenecks in real-time, or identifying complex risk factors in real-life patients, advanced analytics can give your business the competitive edge that it needs.

Cluster Analysis

In a sprawling ocean of multi-dimensional data, it can be impossible to figure out how to create order out of the chaos. Finding hidden patterns in your user base can seem ambitious and daunting, but cluster analysis can help your business identify market segments on a deeper level.

Text mining

Understanding your customers by painstakingly scraping through survey data, doctor’s notes, and customer feedback is a thing of the past. Modern analytics tools can allow businesses to identify insights from unstructured text data in a flash, without the need for manual intervention. From identification of critical phrases in WHS forms, to automatic classification of positive and negative feedback from customers, there is a wealth of information in words just waiting to be found.

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