Modern Data Architecture Workshop

Together, we will identify potential quick wins and longer term architecture options

Getting data from source systems through to a user-facing dashboard or analysis tool can often be complex, costly, and time-consuming. These challenges are exacerbated by older technologies or approaches that make it difficult to keep pace with today’s demand for data and insights.

To kick start the discussion and envision “what is possible”, we will begin with a demo of a modern, cloud-based data architecture that highlights key principles – from ELT (instead of ETL) and metadata-driven modelling, to data ops with automated testing, deployment, and documentation. This may involve tools such as Fivetran, Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and dbt.

We will then explore key architectural concepts and components with you in the context of your current technology landscape and workloads, requirements, pain points, and business objectives. Together, we will identify potential quick wins and longer-term options.

Workshop Agenda

  • Introduction – the evolution of data architecture landscape and recent trends

  • High-level overview – core components of the architecture and key concepts

  • Demos – data pipeline, data lake, data warehouse, data mart, and data analytics/visualisation

  • Your world – discussion of how these concepts relate to your landscape, needs, and objectives

  • Wrap-up – identification of potential next steps


Discussion call ahead of the workshop to understand:

  • Your main goals, requirements, and challenges

  • Your current BI landscape (e.g. tooling, key data sources, cloud vs on-premise technologies, main users and use cases)

  • Provision of at least one user account for read-only access to internal environment (cloud or on-premise) in order to perform an assessment of the environment

Suggested Attendees

  • CIO
  • Head of Analytics
  • Analytics team members 

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