Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning Workshop

Unearth new data science opportunities in your organisation

Modern analytics tools are allowing businesses to use machine learning and data science to generate richer insights from their data and automate processes that were previously manual.  This workshop aims to unearth new data science opportunities in your organisation that use machine learning and other advanced analytical techniques.  

We understand your data landscape and map this to your business processes and value chain to determine areas where advanced analytics could generate new insights or automate manual processes. 


Day 1
  • Deep dive into how predictive analytics and machine learning is being used in your chosen industry. A look at how AI & ML will affect you and your working scenarios. 
  • A snapshot look at your key data sources and the information each source captures 
  • A look at how an AI/ML model can be integrated into your decision making process 
  • Framing business scenarios through collaborative question time, and formulating critical questions to be addressed through your data 
  • AI & ML integration best practices for dummies
Day 2
  • Put your AI & ML hypothesis to the test. We’ll run a series of collaborative prototyped AI/ML scenarios pairing your data with leading technologies to align with business value . Your team become part of this scenario building, and we allow you to get your hands on the tools leveraged to integrate AI & ML function within your business  


  • Participate in a logistics call to assess their internal available platform on which we can perform the workshop
  • Customer to extract and securely upload raw data from source systems to our secure upload system. Please note, the quality of the extract must be approved by the Aginic facilitators prior to the workshop 

Aginic Facilitators


Suggested Attendees

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • CIO
  • Business Process Owners
  • Analytics Leads 

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