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Low and high fidelity prototyping is the best way to validate assumptions and iterate the potential solution

Product prototype

A product prototype is a critical step in the product design process. With a product prototype, you can quickly learn something new from your customers with less effort and in a risk-free environment before investing the resources to develop the product. Creating a prototype is the most cost-effective way to reduce product risks.

The most common form of prototype for digital products is a clickable prototype, in which the user interface and features appear in a product simulation created by the product designer, structuring the logic of the future product. However, this is not always the best way to prototype. Aginic designers start with a lo-fi prototype, which is often a paper based sketch and advance to wireframes and eventually hi-fi clickable prototypes.

We can prototype:

  • User interfaces (applications, websites, portals)
  • BI Dashboards
  • Service processes
  • Product roadmaps

Prototyping sprint

Our prototyping sprint is a timeboxed exercise that creates an interactive prototype of a digital product. During the prototype sprint, Aginic designers will ideate to come up with the best possible design for the prototype, which is then tested and validated by the right users. With the lessons learned from it you will be able to validate assumptions and take the prototype to the next level.

Often different fidelity prototypes from early paper based sketches to clickable, higher fidelity prototypes are created in the prototyping phase. The balance between prototype scope (amount of screens), fidelity (level of quality) and amount testing is defined based on the importance of validation. For example, for an internal marketing prototype the level of fidelity might be more important than prototyping all the features.

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