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Team Dynamics Workshop

Nurture a deep understanding of your unique team culture

Half day

Our Team Dynamics Workshop is designed to nurture a deep understanding of your unique team culture and stimulate a safe and trustful environment. It’s great for core teams to improve connection, practise effective communication, uncover shared values, and create beneficial team customs. 

Outcomes and benefits

  • Techniques for interpersonal communication in a team environment
  • A list of shared values that are unique to your team
  • A set of workplace customs designed to suit your team’s needs
  • Improved trust and sense of belonging
  • More effective communication
  • A more productive team


Our team dynamics workshop includes a mix of theory and practical exercises. Each section has a short introduction, followed by 3-5 activities. There will be a short break after each section. The workshop runs for half a day. 

  • Hello team! – Ice-breaker session that will energise the group and have people learn new things about each other.
  • Communication – Learn and practise interpersonal communication techniques designed to improve the connection with others.
  • Shared team values – Uncover your team’s shared values. These values guide how you behave and treat each other in your team.
  • Workplace customs – Inspired by your shared values, your team will design a set of customs that are unique to your workplace.

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