“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

– Scott Cook, co-founder, Intuit


Every day, over 1 billion people use Facebook, including 50% of the Australian population.

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Many people also use other social media sites and digital forums, from YouTube and Instagram to Tumblr and TripAdvisor. Through their interactions, they influence each other and shape our world.

Organisations that tap into this ever-expanding data source can better understand and engage customers, manage threats to their brand, and gain insights about their market and competitors.


Social listening and analytics platforms offer two critical advantages: the ability to access digital conversations across the web, and the ability to make sense of the noise.

Aginic performed a market scan of social platforms and decided to partner with NetBase, a cloud-based platform that has been independently recognised by Forrester as a global leader in Enterprise Social Listening. From extensive partnerships with social media providers like Facebook and Twitter, to advanced text, sentiment, image and geo-analysis capabilities, NetBase offers powerful insights – but is as intuitive to use as Google. Contact us for a demo.


All organisations have customers who interact on social media and other digital forums. Whether you are a government agency serving the public, or a retailer competing in a rapidly-evolving market, social listening and analytics can help inform your strategy, manage risk, monitor your competitive landscape and connect with your customers.