Theme Park Data Analytics & Insights

Changing the way theme park providers experience their data.

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Our experience

At Aginic, we work with a number of Australian and international theme park providers to transform the way they experience and maximise value from data.

We take a practical approach to uplifting data maturity – implementing modern technologies, delivering meaningful analytics and upskilling data teams to support our clients in becoming data-driven organisations that actively use data to achieve competitive advantages and deliver fantastic guest experiences.

We have delivered data solutions across a range of key industry areas, including:

Revenue Management

Ticket Sales & Attendance

Gain valuable attendance and purchasing insights to enhance consumer retention, optimise pricing, and refine your products.

  • Unlock business insights with executive dashboards
  • Track key financial metrics, from ticket sales to NPS
  • Analyse revenue trends with drill-down capabilities

Workforce Planning

Scheduling & Recruitment

Enhance applicants experience by analysing the recruitment pipeline and proactively plan for future workforce allocations.

  • Maximise workforce efficiency and experience
  • Optimise shift scheduling
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Reduce labor costs

In-Park Spend

Food, Beverage & Retail

Utilise attendance data to set sales targets for in-park retail stores and gamify the achievement of transaction value and volume objectives.

  • Empower your purchasing teams
  • Understand guest spending patterns
  • Make proactive purchasing decisions
  • Allocate stock effectively

Our solutions

We deliver elegant end-to-end data solutions for our clients. We specialise in taking disparate data sources spread amongst the organisation and creating a single source of truth that enables value to be realised across domains, often surfaced through interactive dashboard solutions or advanced analytics outputs. By partnering with leading technology providers, we are able to achieve rapid outcomes that leverage modern data practices.

Our approach

Key to our secret sauce is Design Thinking, which is a user-centric approach for creative problem solving. We focus on understanding the end users of data outputs, in essence the ‘why’, before we narrow in on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’.

Additionally, we keep Agile values and principles close to heart throughout development, focusing on rapid and continuous iteration of the data solutions based on regular feedback cycles with end users.

By taking a ‘one team’ approach with our clients, we ensure that we build meaningful data solutions that users are excited to use, while also uplifting the capability of client data teams so they can own the solutions and business outcomes.

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