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We celebrate entrepreneurship.

We foster local innovation. We celebrate entrepreneurship. We love technology. Best of all, we get a kick out of helping founders turn their big ideas into market-ready start-ups that truly make a difference. It’s in our blood.

So dive in and check out our current portfolio of potential game-changers.

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Everything starts with coffee

We love meeting and greeting big picture thinkers who are keen to create epic change. So let’s talk it out! Hit us up and let’s grab a coffee. Our shout..

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Let's talk it out! What are your big plans and how can we help?

Vision Fit

Let's work out whether we're a good fit! We LOVE working with start-ups that have a social impact. Can we make things better together?

Discovery Sprint

Time to dive into your idea. Our Discovery Sprint is designed to expand thinking, ideate big picture solutions and develop a prototype to test your product with the people that matter most, your users!

Discovery Sprint consists of various product exploration exercises. These exercises are handpicked and tailored for the product.

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Here we are! We have engaged in one full sprint of work to test the prototype and gather learnings from user and market validation. Where to from here?


We reconcile learnings throughout the process to provide Founders with a toolkit of epic resources to take their ideas to market independently.

Product Servicing

Here, you have choice to cherry pick the technical services you require to get things moving, and forge your own path forward!


Things are shaping up nicely. We want to invest in building your product, getting it off the ground, and into the market.

Our Team

Brett 600
Brett Thebault
Marty new 600px 1
Marty Conneely
Rob 600
Rob Mackay
Brad Vinning
Independent Advisor
John Driscoll
Independent Advisor
Rahul new
Rahul Nair
Lead, Products & Startups
John 600px
John Owen
Senior Engineer
Logan Senjov
Sebastian 600px
Sebastian Haviland
Pietari 600px
Pietari Keurulainen
Design Ops Manager
Jason McLaren
Product Designer
Emma 600
Emma Freya
Senior Designer
Anna 600
Anna Fransson
Lead Designer
Lachlan Robertson 600
Lachlan Robertson
Lead Analyst
Patrick O'Leary
Kristina 600px
Kristina Hayes
Product Manager
Ben Forbes 600px
Ben Forbes
Marketing Manager

Our Capabilities

On the Tools

  • Product Design
  • App Development
  • DevOps
  • Solution Architecture
  • Product Management
  • Product Analytics
  • Marketing and Advertising Campaigns
  • Business Intelligence

Business Support

  • Business Strategy
  • Investment Guidance
  • Technology Recommendations
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design Strategy
  • Venture Funding
  • Entity Set-Up
  • Corporate Governance
  • Legal Guidance
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Relationship Building
  • User and Consumer Research
  • User Testing

Don't just take our word for it


“Aginic Ventures has been the powerhouse behind Cubiko, from detailed and results-based development to access to some of the best minds in the business, Cubiko would not be what it is today without being part of the Aginic Ventures Family.”

Chris Smeed
CEO, Cubiko

“The Aginic Ventures has been an amazing opportunity. Together we’ve been able to build something that uses data to help people, something that is complex and difficult and something that has shocked the experts with the progress and the quality that we’ve been able to make.

The Aginic team is dedicated, passionate and talented. I couldn’t have built this without them, I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Alan Robertson
Founder, ClearSky

“Working with the Aginic Ventures has enabled us to go from concept and interested clients; to a product that we’ve been able to sell to clients. We highly recommend the Aginic Ventures and really look forward to continuing to work with Aginic as we progress into the future.”

Mitchell Robinson
Founder & CEO, IDU Identification

Our Partners

Aginic Ventures has a rich technical network of cloud technology providers, supporting new product Founders with early stage venture support to connect with the big dogs, and get your ideas up and running stat!

Get in touch with Rob Mackay

A former health professional with over 10 years clinical and technology consulting experience. I came to Australia from Africa when I was 10 years old and haven’t looked back. The Aginic team is unbelievably smart, vibrant, friendly, honest and hard working. We are in a very fortunate position of being able to work with a range of the latest technology platforms to help solve some of society’s most wicked problems.

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