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Create a happy and productive work culture while working from home

Working from home 101 workshop

Our ‘Working from home 101’ workshop guides teams towards a happy and productive work culture while working remotely. It is is for anyone that wants to set up a connected, thriving team while working from home. The workshop includes ways to communicate and work effectively in your team, creating a set of habits and rituals specific to your team, and a mix of simple practical exercises and general advice to guide, teach and inspire.

We tailor each workshop to your unique team dynamic so that we can make the most of your existing ways of working.

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Outcomes and benefits

  • Collaborate effectively within your team
  • Coordinate and maintain visibility in a team
  • Create a connected and productive remote work culture


Our ‘working from home’ workshop includes a mix of theory and practical exercises. Each section has a short introduction, followed by 1-2 activities. The workshop runs for 3 hours.


Ice-breakers and technical troubleshooting 

Team culture

Learn how to create a vibrant and productive work culture

Virtual meetings

Learn how to run effective virtual meetings 

Team communication

Learn how to use different tools for different types of communication

Online collaboration

Learn how to collaborate creatively using online tools

Coordination and visibility

Learn how to coordinate as a team, and maintain visibility